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[one-shot] JE; Manipulation exists only to have fun

Fandom: JE
Title: Manipulation exists only to have fun
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo x Matsumoto Jun
Genre: comedy, smut
Rating: NC-17 (it was just funny at the beginning, until my mind started playing merrily with Ryo's hands)
Summary: Matsumoto Jun bumps into his kohai -who has only 500 yen in his wallet- in Shibuya and decides that today it's on him.
Notes: The second fic (the fairly good one) I've written for [info]ary666 on her birthday. I love you, sis! I think you know what this is. You gave me the idea for the ending yourself XD So, this is BASED ON REAL EVENTS. Well, at least the main points of the story: this retells something Ryo spoke about in the message he recorded for Jun in his interview for Shonen Club Premium (2009.02.17). I was surprised not to find a fic about this earlier, so I decided to write it myself. Ah, and it is long. Quite long: 2944 words in a one-shot. So take your time to read it XD
UN-BETAED. Lots of mistakes ahead.

The afternoon Ryo finds himself in the middle of Shibuya with only 500 yen in his wallet he has this faint feeling that, if he doesn’t just go home, he’ll have serious problems. And, while he’s making a decision on which way is the cheapest to go back to his apartment, in front of a subway station map, these problems are crossing the street behind his back. Of all the possible things it could be –such as a crazy bunch of fangirls, a gossip reporter or maybe even some stalker–, it turns to be something that Ryo didn’t consider as a menace when he was on his way to Shibuya. He hears some steps coming to him and slowly turns his head to look subtly from the corner of his eye. Before that person taps his shoulder, Ryo already guesses there is no possible escape.

Attracting all the glances from the people along the street, the only senpai he has ever been scared of says his name out loud. Ryo winces, trying to convince himself that this can’t be happening.

“Hey, Nishikido!” he repeats it, reasserting that this is real, indeed. “What a coincidence!”

They’re immediately surrounded by an uncomfortable murmuring. Ryo, incapable anymore of pretending he hasn’t seen or heard him, turns around to look at Matsumoto Jun and kind of smiles at him, cursing inside. His senpai is wearing expensive casual clothes –if his clothes can ever be called “casual”-, and only a pair of flashy yellow sunglasses to hide his face. Well, this isn’t really any disguise, Ryo thinks as he tries to cover his face with his hat, compared to his plain faded jeans and his black jacket.

“Oh, Matsumoto…” he answers in a low voice.

“What are you doing here?” Matsumoto asks, getting incidentally in Ryo’s way so that he can’t really go anywhere.

“Ah, nothing” Ryo says, running a hand through his hair. “I’m just going back ho…”

Matsumoto clicks his tongue and interrupts him. He thinks for one or two seconds and suddenly smiles, making Ryo shudder. Although he has said anything about his lack of money, he feels that, somehow, Matsumoto knows, and the remote possibility he had to get rid of him and actually go home has disappeared. Or maybe it is just that a guy like him leaving Shibuya at a Saturday night -right when the lights are on and the party has started in many places- is that unusual, and Matsumoto feels he has to do something for him. Both options are equally plausible when it comes to the almighty and unstoppable Matsumoto Jun. Not that he cares about Ryo’s opinion, anyway.

“Have I heard you want to have dinner with me?” he giggles, his broad smile soon invading Ryo’s vision field as he grips his kohai’s arm and pulls him away from the station. “Okay, let’s go!”


Ryo tries with no success to go back. He’s afraid he won’t be able to feel totally at ease around his senpai and still wants to go home, more desperately than before. However, when Matsumoto’s arm lands around his shoulders and, without any notice, he hits Ryo’s head with his left hand, Ryo doesn’t feel like resisting anymore. Nobody else dares to hit him like that, so carelessly and full of authority at the same time.

“C’mon, don’t be silly!”


From the moment he sees the prices of the meat in the sign next to the door of such a lavish yakiniku restaurant, Ryo already feels hopelessly tied up to Matsumoto. After all, that’s how he keeps going out with his senpai, through the debts he feels he has to pay off to his senpai after the expensive meals he treats him to.

The first time they went out together, however, it was on Ryo; he could remember that clearly. Akanishi, Yamapi and him bumped into Matsumoto at the street –near the same place Matsumoto has found him today, he dreadfully realizes- and their senpai merrily decided to join them without been invited. Next time, it was Matsumoto who suggested going out with them –Yamapi passed; Matsumoto’s still trying to get him- and paid for the dinner. Then, they felt obliged to invite him another night… and the cycle is still going on. Perhaps, Matsumoto thought that showing off his great economic potential was a way of getting them worshipping him someday. In Ryo’s opinion, he is the type who thinks any place is better when he’s in, and therefore he never feels out.

Sitting in front of him, his senpai smiles from ear to ear and hands him some chopsticks. Although he feels awfully nervous and his mind suggests he should just run away before there is no turning back, Ryo’s stomach rumbles in disagreement. Watching the two plates full of juicy, tasty-looking meat slices just placed on their table by a waitress, he grimaces and tries to stifle the noisy evidence of his hunger, with no result at all. Then he waits shyly until Matsumoto has laid some slices out on the grill, and when they’re ready they both start eating.

“We haven’t gone out just the two of us before, right?” Matsumoto asks, watching enthusiastically how Ryo gobbles down the yakiniku.

Ryo shakes his head and reaches for a napkin to wipe his lips. He’s aware this is the first time at least Akanishi is not with them, and he’s therefore determined to avoid any kind of trivial conversation that could make the dinner go on and result in Matsumoto suggesting going anywhere else just the two of them. The plan consists of two parts: one, eating until he’s fully satisfied, now that going on with the cycle is irreversible (and he was starving, after all), and two, making up an excuse so that he can finally get out of the reach of Matsumoto’s scary claws.

However, it isn’t really going to be that easy.

“I was planning of going to the cinema tonight,” Matsumoto comments. Ryo gulps, waiting to what’s sure next, “so come with me if you don’t have any plans.”

“No, I was only thinking of going home now, maybe running home, only to escape from the idea of owing something to Matsumoto Jun, being it monetary or not, because I’m really afraid of you thinking you can come to me anytime you want and drag me along like this. But thank you very much for being so considerate and inviting me.” That is what Ryo is thinking right now, but instead the only thing that gets out of his mouth is a hoarse sound, something between an “o” and an “a”.

Ryo suddenly clicks and thinks that he has something that can certainly get him out of trouble, at least for now: a wonderful credit card in the holder inside the back pocket of his jeans. What he doesn’t know is that Matsumoto has already paid for the dinner, so he won’t be able to do anything but follow his senpai to the cinema to show the gratitude he’s not really sure he’s going to feel later.


A group of younger girls keep staring shamelessly at them while they buy the tickets for the last show of a movie –the same movie that Ryo, by luck or misfortune, has been dying to watch for like the past two weeks-, and soon they start taking photos of them with their mobile phones. Matsumoto seems to be perfectly fine with the constant click-click sound of the cameras, but it is driving Ryo mad. However, he prefers not to turn around to avoid making himself totally recognizable when those pictures are posted on the Internet.

Once again, Matsumoto takes out his wallet before Ryo can use his credit card.

“Ah, we still have an hour before the show,” he tells Ryo, raising his voice a bit over the loud screams of some of the girls. They’re starting to get the attention of more people than recommended. “Let’s go drinking, Nishikido.”

“What?” Ryo mumbles, arching his eyebrows.

His senpai grabs him by his arm again, smiles and waves goodbye to the fangirls before he and Ryo disappear through a dark narrow street.


Until tonight, Ryo didn’t know only a few drinks could make him feel so tipsy in less than an hour. The bar they have gone into isn’t as crowded as it could be, at the time it is, so they’re almost by themselves. However, there is something weird in the air that soon makes Ryo feel uneasy. Or maybe it is just the tension of having Matsumoto Jun sitting beside him in silence –certainly making plans for later-, drinking as much as him, what makes him drink faster than usual. Ryo raises his hand and motions to the barman in an attempt to get his drink refilled, but his senpai gets up from the stool and asks him to leave before they’re late. He lets Matsumoto pay without complaining.

Once they’re out of that smoky place and they breathe fresh night air, Ryo realizes he’s already gone too far. In his normal state, this would have worried him so much he’d actually run home if necessary. But now that he feels this nice tickling inside his stomach, he just has a fit of the giggles instead.

“Are you okay?” Matsumoto asks, turning his head to look at him as they walk back to the cinema.

“Oh, y-yes,” Ryo answers, as he smiles for the first time in the night, “very, absolutely okay! Great!”

His senpai observes him, pleased, and his lips curve into a smile.

“Good. We can start having fun now.”


They sit in the last row at the cinema, a few metres from an old couple that discreetly points at them when they recognize the two famous Johnnies. Ryo smiles lightly and waves at them the same way Matsumoto did with those fangirls before. He almost spills the popcorn when he tries to sit down, which makes his senpai laugh. Ryo blushes as the lights go off.

Ryo does fairly well and things don’t become awkward until the second half of the movie, when he loses total control of his acts. He hasn’t lost interest in it, but the alcohol makes his head feel heavy and he gets sleepy, his head almost leaning on Matsumoto’s shoulder. This is the way he finds this amazing scent on his clothes, which makes him run his nose all the way through his senpai’s collarbone to his neck. Matsumoto does nothing as his kohai’s hands start unbuttoning his shirt to feel his chest, lips sliding from his neck up to his earlobe. Ryo’s breath is soft on his skin, and he lets out a small moan next to his ear when Matsumoto’s hand lands on his crotch, squeezing it lightly.

Ryo nibbles at his earlobe and Matsumoto shudders. Still keeping an eye on the screen, he tilts his head to Ryo’s side and kisses him. Ryo sniggers inside the kiss, his tongue running through his senpai’s lips until he lets him in. Matsumoto soon decides this is far more interesting than the movie and keeps on touching Ryo, who is getting harder. He gets his hand out of his kohai’s crotch to put it behind his neck and pushes his nape to kiss him deeper. Ryo’s skin is very hot. When their bodies get closer, Matsumoto can feel his heart beating really fast.

And now the lights switch on.

Ryo, like waking suddenly from a dream, opens his eyes wide and immediately separates his lips from Matsumoto’s. Luckily, they haven’t been seen by anybody. The old couple from before says goodbye to them as the go down the stairs to the exit door. Matsumoto licks his lips and smiles mischievously, buttoning up his shirt at the same time.
They wait until the theatre is emptied. Matsumoto can see that Ryo’s face is completely blushed. However, what really amuses him is this look in his kohai’s red, watery eyes, the look that says “let’s finish this, anyhow, wherever - but NOW.” It doesn’t take much for Ryo to actually confirm it, after considering an idea for two seconds.

“I don’t know what you had planned to do after this,” he says, his words coming out much more naturally and smoothly than three hours ago, “but you’re coming with me back to my apartment, okay?”

Matsumoto agrees. He hasn’t planned anything different, in fact.


Ryo looks a bit better when they arrive at his apartment, and Matsumoto thinks he has to do something about that. However, Ryo does it for himself before. Right after opening the door abruptly and throwing off his jacket to the floor, he hurries up to the kitchen and comes back to the room with a bottle of champagne he uncorks in front of his senpai. Matsumoto sits on the floor, between the clothes and the books that already lay there, and claps when the cork makes that funny “Pop!” sound. Ryo sits next to him, the froth dropping from the bottom of the bottle to his clothes.

“Oh man, this was clean this morning!” Ryo exclaims, looking at the wet stain on his t-shirt while Matsumoto helps him put the bottle on the table. “Bah, never mind, I was going to pull it off anyway!”

His senpai laughs at his comment and drinks directly from the rim of the bottle. Ryo quickly does what he’s just said and then takes the bottle away from him, his bare chest soon drenched with champagne when he drinks. The liquid presently wets his jeans and he pulls them down as well. Matsumoto feels the alcohol is taking effect on him too and strips off the upper half of his body, feeling hot all of a sudden.

He hurls himself at Ryo and tries to get the bottle, which is already half emptied, mainly over his kohai’s body. They struggle during a while, until Ryo falls on top of his senpai and their lips meet again. The bottle falls to the floor and doesn’t break into pieces by a miracle. Matsumoto keeps still, lying on his back, his chest heaving. Here comes the naughty boy, he thinks, quite amused with the results that he already imagines.

“L-Let’s go on from where we left it, okay?” Ryo babbles, slurring his words.


His hand is faster that his senpai’s and he reaches his crotch before Matsumoto even makes a move. But he’s fine with that; he lets Ryo unzip his trousers and slip his hand under his clothes, slowly rubbing his cock. They’re both so drunk already it doesn’t take much for the two of them to get hard; Ryo is pulling his pants down, and then bows his head down right away to place Matsumoto’s cock inside his mouth. He licks its full length lustfully, perhaps too well to be that drunk. Then he lifts and drops his head, creating a pace that Matsumoto follows with his hips. Ryo’s staring directly at his senpai’s eyes, which makes him shiver. Ryo’s tongue plays with the tip of his cock, making Matsumoto squirm with pleasure.

Before long, Matsumoto sits up on his elbows and reaches out a hand to grasp Ryo’s cock. His kohai winces a bit and stifles a load moan, trying to concentrate on what he’s doing; Matsumoto starts stroking his erection and Ryo can’t hold it anymore when his senpai’s thumb presses its tip. They both groan and pant with excitement. Their movements become steady at the same time. Matsumoto comes first; his hand keeps on moving until he feels the warm cum all over his palm.

Ryo rolls over onto his back, next to him. He’s got his eyes closed, his wet lips curved into a smile. Matsumoto looks at the bottle and the champagne spilt all over the floor, and laughs a bit. After a while, they both burst into laughter.

“That felt good,” Matsumoto says, sighing.

“Yeah,” Ryo answers, yawning, “you’re absolutely no good though.”

“What? You’d better keep quiet. I wasn’t the one who had everything paid for him.”

“Huh?” Ryo says, lifting his head up a bit to frown at his senpai. “See, you had to pay to get me doing this for you.”

“God, you’re so funny,” Matsumoto laughs again. “Alright, next time I’ll pay for more.” He means that. But he won’t get drunk as well then.

“Do you think I’m a prostitute?” Ryo asks, chuckling.

“Kind of.”

“Then you are one too.”

They both laugh out loud.

“Well,” Ryo says, getting up and picking his clothes. “As you see, you can’t stay here for tonight. It’s all dirty and I don’t have space left for you to sleep. It’s early still, so I’ll get a cab for you.”

“Wait-,“ Matsumoto says, putting on his shirt. “Are you serious? After all I did for you today?”

However, he’d probably do the same if it was Ryo in his apartment.

“Of course I am,” Ryo says, clicking his tongue at the wet floor and goes to get a rag. “You can have some vegetable juice before leaving if you feel like it.”

Matsumoto drinks the juice while Ryo calls his cab, his voice sounding so husky and hangover-ish it’s barely understandable. That’s Ryo’s funny side, the one he likes to communicate with, as Matsumoto will say in his Shounen Club Premium interview to Taichi when his kohai talks about this in his video message. Ryo is really problematic indeed, but if it’s only a matter of money then he doesn’t mind paying for a few drinks and whatnot.

Thanks for reading~
Tags: ex: one-shot, f: arashi, f: kanjani8, f: news, g: humor/comedy, g: smut, lan: english, p: ryojun

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