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[multi-chaptered] Kanjani8; All our memories {epilogue}

Fandom: Kanjani8
Title: All our memories ~epilogue~ { are stronger than oblivion }
Pairing: Shibutani Subaru x Yasuda Shota
Genre: romance
Rating: PG
Summary: The future is bright for both Subaru and Shota. And, of course, birthdays and anniversaries are essential for them.
Notes: A huge THANK YOU in neon letters for [info]rainy_fruit!
This is dedicated to all the people who read my fic and left comments :) Thank you very much, once again ^^ Did you really think it was over? Haha! I was dying to tell you since the first day, but I was determined to keep this as a secret until I posted chapter eight. Now you can enjoy it as a final present~
And there's also something to celebrate here (with sparkly text, of course):

a_fantasia'S 100TH POST!!
(because the masterpost doesn't count XD)

“Are you awake?” Subaru asked in a low voice.

“Of course I am,” Shota answered, turning around to face him. “I can’t believe we made it.”

“Well, this is like the umpteenth time already, Shota,” Subaru coughed, smiling in the dark.

“I’m not talking about that, Subaru. You’re so dirty-minded.” Shota grumbled. Subaru burst into laughter. “I was thinking about our debut.”

“Yeah, it’s been too long since we started writing and composing together.” Subaru said, putting his arm around Shota’s waist. “We deserve it.”

Shota touched the silver pendant his boyfriend had given him that afternoon. He couldn’t wait to celebrate their success. You could call it intuition, but Subaru already knew their songs would be accepted by the record company. Or maybe they were lucky because it was his birthday.

“Oh, that’s right!” he suddenly exclaimed. Subaru jumped a bit. “I haven’t given you a present yet! Tell me, what do you want?”

Subaru raised his eyebrows and thought about it for a while. Then, he whispered something into Shota’s ear. The younger shook his head immediately, and Subaru nodded.

“Shota, you’re of age already. Nobody can forbid you from doing it.”

“But it has to be something for you! I’m starting to feel bad about you giving me presents all the time. I want to give you something.”

“You mean you could really find anything funnier for me than a piercing in your belly button?” Subaru kissed his neck, but Shota’s hands pushed him back. The older smirked. “What? That would be freaking sexy.”

Shota might have grown up considerably compared to Subaru – they were like the same size now -- but the way he pouted was the same as it was four years ago. Subaru slid his hand up his boyfriend’s back and pressed on Shota’s nape to bring his face closer so he could kiss him on the lips. Shota sighed.

“Okay, I’ll pierce my belly button,” he finally agreed. Subaru caressed his cheek. “But only if you convince me to.”

“Look what he says,” Subaru muttered, turning to lie on top of his boyfriend. “And it’s Subaru who has a dirty mind.”

“You do,” Shota said, lifting Subaru’s face when he started kissing his collarbone. “Try to be more original for once.”

Subaru started running his fingers over Shota’s bare chest, his messy hair covering his face. His boyfriend was about to fall asleep when he came up with an idea. He got up all of a sudden and hurried to pick up his guitar. Shota smiled. He could perfectly imagine what would come next. After all, it was also the anniversary of their meeting in elementary school.

And there it was, the old, worn out notebook that got them back together in high school.

“Don’t tell me you have to read the lyrics still…” Shota laughed.

Subaru glared at him and reached to turn on the lamp on the bedside table. Then he sat on the edge of the bed and began playing. Shota tapped his fingers on his leg, following the melody that he would never forgot. Subaru sang in a low voice, only for him to listen.

It sounded different, somehow; it still had that melancholic blue air, but, at the same time, it wasn’t the same. It felt more nostalgic. It reminded Shota of that letter, that stupid, lame, fluffy letter he once wrote to say goodbye to Subaru. He reminded him of the nights he spent awake, wondering if he’d ever be able to move on. And he realized, after all the time he had been with Subaru, that since then, he wouldn’t. Never. Never, just because his feelings were stronger than oblivion.

Subaru finished singing and listened to the silence for a while. No one, apart from themselves, was going to listen to their song. It had become something private. It had a feeling that no one else, no matter how much they listened to it, would ever understand. Therefore, it was not in their album. They hadn’t even mentioned its existence to their manager.

“Now I can fully understand what this means,” he spoke, ignoring whether Shota was still awake. “But it’s still magic. I don’t quite get how I managed to find the words, but it’ll always be awesome.” He fell silent for a few seconds. “And your music, your music is what gives it the--”

Shota moaned and pushed him to the bed. “I’ll go and get my piercing tomorrow, but just let me sleep, okay?”

Subaru nodded and covered their naked bodies with the sheets. Then, he sank his head into the pillow. The guitar strings left a tickle on his fingertips, and the song kept playing on his head. Now he was sure that, regardless of how or when or where he heard it, Yasuda Shota would always come to his mind. Always, just because all their memories were stronger than oblivion.

Thanks for reading!

Tags: ex: multi-chaptered, f: kanjani8, g: romance, lan: english, p: subassan/yasuba

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