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[multi-chaptered] Kanjani8; All our memories {3/8}

Fandom: Kanjani8
Title: All our memories { brought us together again }
Pairing: Shibutani Subaru x Yasuda Shota
Genre: romance, angst, High school!AU
Rating: PG
Summary: Back in elementary school, Subaru gave all of his memories to protect Shota from that accident. Now that they have met again in high school, only Shota remembers what happened. Will he be able to leave Subaru before they get closer? Is disappearing again the only solution?
Notes: My marvelous beta is rainy_fruit . Thank you!
We're back to where we left it in chapter one ^^ I hope you like this chapter as well~ Your comments aren't loved. They are ADORED ♥
Other chapters: 1 ~ 2 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 ~ Epilogue

The next day, Subaru got a bump on the back of his head. It was right next to the scar left from the accident he had when he was twelve. His parents had told him that a car almost ran over him and that a “small hole” was opened in the back of his head when he hit it. Everything about his past, the memories from more than half of his life, had disappeared through there. Therefore, he felt like he’d never been a child.

At first, he couldn’t understand why people always pitied him so much. Was his situation that pitiful? Was everything irreversible? He had quickly rebuilt his life and became accustomed to not being able to recover everything. He sometimes felt a sort of pain in his chest, something like a stitch, something unhealed. He didn’t want to know what it was nor did he expect anybody to tell him. He thought that, instead of completely healing him, it’d make it so much more painful.

Everything was okay the way it was.

The boy that had fallen on top of him the day before was there, sitting on his bench. Not that it was really his, but he always sat there, and nobody had ever gotten there before him. He didn’t care much though. The boy left some space for him to sit, and Subaru thanked him with a gesture.

They began eating in silence, staring at the school building in front of them. Subaru felt like the smell of that boy’s bento wasn’t new to him. He couldn’t recall where he had smelt it before. It was sweet. When he turned his head, the boy was offering him some. Subaru looked at the food and gulped before finally rejecting it.

“I don’t even know your name,” he said. “Did you hear mine yesterday?”

“Shibutani-senpai,” he pronounced it naturally. Subaru nodded lightly. “I’m Yasuda Shota, 1-C.” He made a pause before adding, “You’re older than the people in your class, aren’t you?”

How did he know that? Subaru knew he might look a bit older, considering his hair was in a bob and his beard was slightly prominent, but he wasn’t much taller than Yasuda. He first thought that maybe the guy knew him from before the accident, but then he remembered that all of his classmates had send letters for him to count on them. None of them was from a Yasuda Shota.

“Yes, I’m 19 already.” He shrugged. “I couldn’t find any reason to continue studying nor did I remember what my wishes for the future were when I was little so my parents and the principal made me repeat this year.”

“Don’t you have dreams anymore?” Yasuda said in a high-pitched tone, as if the fact that Subaru lived carelessly surprised him. He immediately cleared his throat. “I mean, that must be tough.”

“It is.” Subaru sighed. “But it could be worse.” Yasuda waited for him to explain, closing his bento box. “I had an accident some years ago, and I can’t remember anything that happened before. Some people say I must feel frustrated, but I don’t. I just take it easy.”

Subaru expected him to start asking questions about the whole thing, like everyone, out of morbid curiosity. He would have absolutely nothing interesting to tell him, only that he woke up at the hospital not knowing who he was anymore. And then he’d try to make it up by showing him that ugly scar on the back of his head.

However, Yasuda had fallen silent. What Subaru could see on his face was that, far from being uninterested in his story, he looked kind of ashamed. When he noticed that his senpai was staring right at his face, he forced a smile and changed the topic.

“Do you have any hobbies, Shibutani-senpai?” Yasuda asked.

“I write,” Subaru answered, without much thinking. “Song lyrics.”

“Really?” Yasuda suddenly jumped from his seat, all excited. “I’m learning to play the guitar! I could make the music for your songs if you want.”

Subaru raised his eyebrows. He may have boasted a little. He actually had a secret notebook in which he had written several poems and his thoughts about what happened in his life, and he loved music too; yet he had never thought of them as lyrics for songs. He felt somewhat embarrassed when Yasuda said he wanted to read them but still didn’t refuse to show him.

“God, your handwriting is awful…” The younger frowned while flicking through Subaru’s notebook.

“Be more respectful to your senpai!” The elder whacked him.

Late that night, before falling asleep, Subaru wondered why he let Yasuda enter his world so easily, why it was so natural to speak to him about things he hadn’t spoken about with anyone else, why he had lent him the notebook that possibly contained the most personal facts about his life, and the most important one, why his chest hurt deeper than it had before.

Thanks for reading~

Tags: ex: multi-chaptered, f: kanjani8, g: angst, g: high school!au, g: romance, lan: english, p: subassan/yasuba

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